4 things you should know about the Bipolar Disorder

By odiversit / November 20, 2017

Many people define bipolar disorder wrongly. They mix it up with mood swings. But bipolar disorder is actually something different from mood swing. It is a severe form of illness that can affect a person’s work life and relationships. Here are three things you must know about this disease.

It is extreme mood swing

We all have mood swings at times. We feel good in the morning and suddenly in the afternoon, we feel very gloomy. It might be due to something that you have encountered, like not meeting the deadline in the office or your colleague not supporting you. But we can also feel low for no reason. These are very normal conditions. However, bipolar disorder is a mental disorder. Here your mood swings take an extreme level. At want point, you will be almost dancing with joy and after some time, you will feel like killing yourself. These extreme mood swings affect a person’s behavior. They tend to take important decisions impulsively. There has even been research conducted which shows that the bipolar disorder can, in fact, lead to low testosterone. Click here for more info on treatment for this condition.

Experience episodes of ‘manic’

During ‘manic’ episodes the affected person will become very active and full of energy. They start to feel overconfident. They have less control over themselves. They talk more and work also more than usual. They start spending more and take unnecessary risks. So, this type of ‘manic’ episodes can actually affect the perosn’s management decisions negatively.

Experience episodes of depression

When you will have episodes of depression, you will feel frustrated. Your confidence will change into being reckless. You will suddenly experience a decrease in the energy level. You will stay in this depressed state for a long time. You will lose interest in daily activities or the things you enjoy doing.


Psychosis is a mental condition when a person comes out of reality. They cannot differentiate between what is reality and what is not. They will hear voices that aren’t actually present. They have hallucinations and delusions.

Due to bipolar disorder, a person’s food intake and sleeping patterns get affected. Many bipolar disorder patients commit suicide as they experience extreme depression. If you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder then some medication can help to stabilize your mood. Bipolar disorder patients have difficulty in maintaining relationships. They have a tough time at work as well. It is important for the family members to understand the severeness of this disease. They should give the patient full support and try to avoid the things that might trigger bipolar condition. Please visit the site https://www.groundup.org.za/article/betrayal-mind-living-bipolar-disorder/  to learn more.


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