5 common causes of Low Testosterone

By odiversit / February 21, 2017

Low Testosterone is a condition that is being affected by an increasing number of men with passing years. With the number of ageing men increasing over the years, the cases of men with low testosterone issues are also on the rise. With Media and advertisements supporting men who are suffering from the issue and speak about it with experts, more men are coming forward to talk about the condition and get the appropriate help they need.

Testosterone being the hormone produced by the male reproductive glands when they reach puberty is the hormone that results in the development of sex drive, muscles strength, and deepening the voice. It is the hormone that manages and maintains these functions of muscle development throughout the years. A decrease in the hormone would result in the improper functioning and the loss of balance in these functions.

But the cause of these issues has been mainly attributed to the process of ageing even in the recent years. But experts have found out that it is false. They have also proved the claims that coronary heart diseases, diabetes, depression would also cause the improper functioning of these issues false. The only reason that directly impacts these is attributed to the gradual decrease in testosterone levels with each passing year in a man.Low Testosterone can be due to a number of causes. Some of these are discussed below.



If you are overweight or obese, it will affect your testosterone level. It might decrease your sex drive.



With age, the level of testosterone decreases. Fatigue is an issue that comes with age and it affects the level of testosterone.


Medical conditions

Medical conditions like HIV/AIDS, hormonal disorders, Type-2 diabetes, infection, chronic kidney or liver conditions, etc. cause low testosterone.


Condition of testicles

Injury to the testicles or testicular cancer, or being treated for testicular cancer leads to low level of testosterone in the body.



Long-term medicines that are given to a patient to treat a condition can result in the person developing condition that reduces the testosterone level in the body.

It is estimated that the highest level of testosterone in a man can be 800 nanograms per decilitre. The lower the testosterone level can reach in a man’s body can be 300 ng/gl. Anything under 300 ng/gl is considered to be a lower than normal levels of testosterone in a man. It results in the man losing his sex drive, and the development of muscles would decrease with increased level of fatigue all the time. This makes it important for the person to get the appropriate help and cure the condition. Some of the causes that are attributed to the loss of testosterone in a man’s body can be:

Receiving a lower score of testosterone does not always mean that the person is suffering from low testosterone issues. But usually, when the level of testosterone reaches 200 ng/gl, it results in issues caused by low testosterone. Low Testosterone can also lead to the decrease in bone density and can lead to breakage or increase the fragility of the bones. In some cases where symptoms are not shown, it is better to look for treatment to make things better before the condition gets worse.

Know that the condition can lead to several complications. This might result in a change in the lifestyle of a person for worse. So seek help when you can and get rid of the condition.

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