When should you take Emergency Contraception and how does it work?

Did you spend a sleepless night thinking about your date in the evening? Did you have unprotected sex? Many young women face this problem nowadays. For various reasons, they fear unplanned pregnancy. The emergency contraceptive pill will wipe away all your worries. This pill will save you from bad mistakes that you do accidentally. It is often called the ‘morning after pill’ because it gives you protection even after you have unprotected sex.

When should you take it?

If you had sex when you were not under any birth control then you pose a risk of being pregnant. Sometimes, your birth control may fail. For example, your condom may slip or break; if you use any cervical cap, it might come off. You may have also missed two or more contraceptive pills. You may even have been raped. For all these situations emergency contraceptive can be very helpful. For best results, you should take it within 24 hours of having sex. According to a study, if you take the emergency contraceptive within 72 hours of having unprotected sex, you will have a chance of about 1% to 2% of getting pregnant. Sperm usually gets out of a woman’s body for up to five days after having sex. There are two types of emergency contraception: Ella and progestin-only. Ella can be effective up to 5 days, but protestin-only will remain effective for 3 days only.

How it works

Emergency contraception is most effective if you take it within 3 days of having sex. However, you can take it for up to 5 days; but it might be less effective by then. You can use it when you forget to use protection during sex or when the condom breaks. There are hormones in the pill that prevents pregnancy. These are often the same hormones that are present in birth control pills. The pills either prevent your egg’s release or stop the sperm from fertilizing. Sometimes when you take emergency contraception, your fertilized egg won’t get implanted in the uterus. So, no matter at what stage of the ovulation process you are in, the emergency contraception can prevent your unwanted pregnancy.

You should know that no contraception can guarantee you 100% protection. The Same thing is true for emergency contraceptive. You won’t be able to use emergency contraception for normal birth control and it won’t help in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. You must be aware that emergency contraception should only be used in emergency situations.

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